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When it is hard || World Mental Health Day

It’s not you, it’s us, they say, and a huge wide wound on your heart, they lay. Sometimes, life doesn’t even bother to give a reason, It just hurts and you shed like leaves during the autumn season. When I hurt my own self, at least its all me and mine, why to keep any… Continue reading When it is hard || World Mental Health Day

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I Am Not Safe || Something Personal

Two days ago, I woke up to the heart wrenching news of the sad demise of Manisha Valmiki, the recent brutally gang-raped 19-year old. (Hathras Rape Case ) At this point, I have been sitting for about half an hour, confused, derailed, and undecided on how to put everything going through my mind in words.… Continue reading I Am Not Safe || Something Personal

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Moon and it’s night

(The English version of this Hindi poem is available right below it) यह रात का चाँद नहीं, इस चाँद की यह रात है । इस बेरंगे चाँद के रंग को हर जगह चमकाती यह रात है । वो चाँद चला जाता है, यह रुक कर करती उसका इंतज़ार है । यह रात का चाँद नहीं,… Continue reading Moon and it’s night

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El problemo

(English translation of this hindi poem is written right after) उलझी रह गई उलझनों में, सुलझाने चली उलझनों को, सुलझाना क्या चाहा उलझनों को, और उलझती चली मैं उलझनों में। बारिश हुई बिन बादल के कोहरा छाया घना घना, एक उलझन सुलझाने को मेरा मन भी बना बना। उलझन सुलझी सूरज आया, फिर बाक़ी उलझनों… Continue reading El problemo