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I am so happy to announce that I have been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award. A huge thank you to Tanya for the nomination! Please give her page a follow by clicking on her name. I find her to be an amazing and beautiful writer! What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? The award is… Continue reading SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD !!

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I desire..

(English translation of this Hindi poem is available right below it) हर रिश्ते में रहते हुए हर रिश्ते से रिहाई चाहिए, जहाँ मैं खुद से मिल सकूँ वो मुकाम चाहिए | नूर खुद का खुद के लिए चाहिए, आँसू भी खुद के खुद पर ही चाहिए| न अब इस दिल को कोई करीबी न कोई… Continue reading I desire..

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“I’m okay”

I wake up and I complain about the unsated sleep and loathe the realisation of having an entire day to go through. All day I have to fake peace whereas my mind is just going ‘aaaaaagggghhhhh’. I come to bed exhausted and again my sleep betrays me like I’m the one sided lover and the… Continue reading “I’m okay”