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Lemme dance, for I am free ✨

She dances, and dances her way out,

of her life’s every malfunctioning shout.

You dance like a blithe fairy, they said,

but were clueless about her sea of sorrows, that she’d wed.

Every twirl is an expression of her twisted journey,

every hold, of her restricted life.

Every bend reflects her crushed soul,

She’s incomplete, but she seems whole.

Inly wounded, with an empty pillion,

Yet, each grand jeté of hers is an image of her flying off to her oblivion.

Every swing of her body drops the load of her troubles, little by little,

She sways like bright iridescent bubbles.

Dancing is her flowing escape,

Her dress is her feathered cape.

She drifts into some other realm,

where she is an exquisite gem.

Her pulse is her only music,

beating heavily,

as she is finally free.

19 thoughts on “Lemme dance, for I am free ✨”

  1. This beautiful poem reminds me of a documentary I’m quite fond of and watched yesterday. Your last line is “as she is finally free” and that reminded me that we feel truly free only when we’re enjoying the moment. Dancing, cycling, singing, running… it all comes down to this, doesn’t it? Anyway, thanks for this great poem 😉

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  2. I love the poem
    I love the fact that despite the character’s dance moves depicting her hurting, it still kind of remains her strength because in the end it’s in the dancing that she experiences true freedom.

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