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El problemo

(English translation of this hindi poem is written right after) उलझी रह गई उलझनों में, सुलझाने चली उलझनों को, सुलझाना क्या चाहा उलझनों को, और उलझती चली मैं उलझनों में। बारिश हुई बिन बादल के कोहरा छाया घना घना, एक उलझन सुलझाने को मेरा मन भी बना बना। उलझन सुलझी सूरज आया, फिर बाक़ी उलझनों… Continue reading El problemo

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“I’m okay”

I wake up and I complain about the unsated sleep and loathe the realisation of having an entire day to go through. All day I have to fake peace whereas my mind is just going ‘aaaaaagggghhhhh’. I come to bed exhausted and again my sleep betrays me like I’m the one sided lover and the… Continue reading “I’m okay”

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One of those nights

Its just, one of those nights where I’m unable to hold myself tight a li’l help is needed by all but my fears and troubles stand all tall. Its just one of those nights Where I wish to give up the fight Where I wish to go and hug happiness Where I wish we could… Continue reading One of those nights

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What if I tell you that I hurt myself recently? I'm sure your judgment alarms have started blaring up with this one sentence only. Do you still wanna listen what I have to say? Everybody doesn't understand how and why some people physically hurt themselves. They are correct in stating that they themselves, like every… Continue reading Self-harm

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We would have, if we could have

As he was strolling down the side of the beach, he saw a slender silhouette, somewhat familiar, sitting motionless on the sand and looking intently at the vast expanse of the sea. As he went a little closer, the view of her face became clearer. Suddenly the whole world around him stopped, as he realized… Continue reading We would have, if we could have