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When it is hard || World Mental Health Day

It’s not you, it’s us, they say, and a huge wide wound on your heart, they lay. Sometimes, life doesn’t even bother to give a reason, It just hurts and you shed like leaves during the autumn season. When I hurt my own self, at least its all me and mine, why to keep any… Continue reading When it is hard || World Mental Health Day

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Your love, my doctrine

(The English translation of this hindi poem is also present right below it) बेसब्र है मेरा दिल, आने को तेरे आशियाँ । बेअदब है ये वक़्त, जिसने किया है हमें जुदा । बेताब है मेरी रूह, करने को एक बार फिर इक़रार, के बेदाग़ है मेरा इश्क़, और तेरे अल्फाज़ ही हैं मेरा ईमान ।… Continue reading Your love, my doctrine