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El problemo

(English translation of this hindi poem is written right after) उलझी रह गई उलझनों में, सुलझाने चली उलझनों को, सुलझाना क्या चाहा उलझनों को, और उलझती चली मैं उलझनों में। बारिश हुई बिन बादल के कोहरा छाया घना घना, एक उलझन सुलझाने को मेरा मन भी बना बना। उलझन सुलझी सूरज आया, फिर बाक़ी उलझनों… Continue reading El problemo

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We would have, if we could have

As he was strolling down the side of the beach, he saw a slender silhouette, somewhat familiar, sitting motionless on the sand and looking intently at the vast expanse of the sea. As he went a little closer, the view of her face became clearer. Suddenly the whole world around him stopped, as he realized… Continue reading We would have, if we could have